Friday, March 21, 2014

10 Day Challenge - Day 9

Feelings come and go like clouds in a sky. Like waves, you cannot stop them from coming but you can decide which ones to surf. Like they say “We might be the master of our own thoughts, yet we are the slaves of our own emotions”. Imagine a life without emotions. Wouldn’t it be like robots, a life without LIFE?  No laughter, No sorrow, No love? We probably then would be on a mad chase to find something to make us feel alive. Hard to imagine! And imagine no smileys around to express your emotions. I would spend all my time trying to gauge the mood of the person on the other end. I am a big time text person; I would rarely dial a number, if I can text. And an excessive user of smileys while texting.  Sometimes they convey what words don’t. 
So if I had to pick two smileys that describe my life right now, one would be excited smiley. The last two days it has been the most dominant emotion. A couple whom I am good friends with had a beautiful baby boy yesterday and all of us have been so excited and delightful for them. Right from Tuesday night we have all been anxiously waiting and annoying the father for hourly updates and after close to 24 hours we received the much awaited news! I wasn’t around when my niece came into this world, so this was like the closest experience I have had to the whole pregnancy and child birth thing. Truly it felt miraculous to hold the tiny one in my arms, and look into his eyes that had no malice, and had innocence written all over him. I have come to believe that a child is truly a blessing to a mother sent straight from God, in its purest form. It makes one realize that life is not merely function and utility but form and beauty. The happiness a baby brings along with its birth is unmatched to any achievement. When the mother put her arm around the baby and says the pain I experienced was worthwhile you understand that it’s the purest form of love. No amount of words would do justice to how touched I feel about the whole thing. Let’s just say it was like witnessing an incredible greatness and nothing less than a miracle.

The other smiley would be thinking. I have been working on an assignment that needs to be submitted today and it is all about education in Finland and how they are the best, the key being excellent teachers. And how we can improve ours using their education model.  So my brain has been doing a lot of flip flops to come up with an essay. But I really do wish there is a change brought about in our education system. It saddens me that excellent education in India is only for the privileged. Even today it takes generations (or sometimes never) for one to break the cycle of poverty that affects his family, because quality education isn’t readily available. The figures show 90% of our children don’t graduate from schools. Disheartening!  I feel blessed and lucky to be in the 10%.  But something to worry about isn’t it? Especially when they say the future of the country lies in today’s children. Hmmm…

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