Wednesday, March 19, 2014

10 Day Challenge - Day 8

Ways to win my heart, turn offs, and now turn ons. What is next? It Feels like I am filling up my profile on a matchmaking website.  Ha! Jokes apart,When it comes to romance I am a big sucker for the Bolllywood types! I often wonder in real if one could fall in love so easily like those in Yash Chopra’s movies.  Sadly I haven’t experienced any ‘violin melodies playing in the BG’ moments but yes those moments when you fall head over heels in love with someone, when you feel butterflies in your stomach those I have.  And so reasoning out why should be easy. (I am obviously not going to tell you what really turns me on, you thought I would?  J )

    1.Mesmerizing Eyes: Not the blue eyed ones (though I wish I had dated someone with blue eyes), just the ones that look at  me and make me feel weak in the knees. The one whose looks could kill. Many a times we convey a lot through our eyes. That moment when your eyes meet someone’s and you can read a thousand words that go unsaid. (Well, you can always imagine 1000 words right; even if he has no clue his eyes are saying that ;)) Soulful eyes, with an intense look (I should read sincerity in it), will make me melt. (You should know this is all hypothetical alright, I can’t go melting anymore at just a look thrown at me now. Too late! Wink!Wink!)

    2.Good music, dim lights and scented candles: The stage is set, how about a few delectable munchies and cocktails to go with it? And someone who is witty. And someone who can strike up an intelligent conversation. Of course I mean one person with both these qualities!

     3.Dance to a melody: Salsa, waltz or Jive it takes two to Tango! It is okay neither have I mastered them, just swaying together to the song would do. I enjoy dancing and that’s when you will find me in the best of my spirits.

Jeez, thank god there is no fourth point; it’s a No Brainer what happens next! 

Make me drown with your looks and remind me why I love you,
Feel my hands gently, hold them tight and pull me towards you,
Make me laugh and show me a good time, I’ll waltz away with you into the night.

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