Thursday, March 13, 2014

10 Day challenge - Day 4

“Allow yourself the time and space to let your mind wander and your imagination fly”. The imagination part is true; it can take various forms and shapes. If I list out my imagination I probably would appear queer. So the best thing would be to list down the sane thoughts that often rent a little space in my head always.

  1.“He who has a why to live for ,can bear almost any how.” It is the one thing that troubles me I haven’t figured out the purpose of my life. I have a deep belief that everyone is here for a reason, like to leave a mark of your own in the world and my mind often wanders trying to figure out what it is. 

   2. I design a lot in my head. Sometimes it is a saree, sometimes it’s a dress, sometime’s a kurti, sometime’s a house. That’s another dream I live in, that someday I would own a label. Right now I neither have an idea nor do I have the finance. Farfetched dream for now and like I said I believe if it is meant to happen it will.

   3.This is an everyday thought that comes back again and again. It is funny something as silly as this, is a difficult choice for me to make. What should I cook for dinner! Hughhhhhhh.

   4.I look in the mirror everyday and think Am I fat? Should I exercise? I never do! But that doesn’t stop me from thinking about it every day. I keep thinking about starting to make an effort to be mindful about my health, especially since the big C scare a year back. Just not there yet.

  5.Off late I kind of wonder if deciding to delay starting a family is a good thing. Listening to everyone who is experiencing problems in this area, I am scared if I would find out the boat has sailed and regret it later. Fingers crossed!

   6.Remember when we were young, if we make a lot of errors on a page, we fold the page and write P.T.O? Well on some nights when I twist and turn trying to sleep, I go to these chapters in my life that I termed P.T.O and replay them. Dig up those skeletons from the past & then decide it was just a waste of time.

   7. “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” I often imagine travelling around the world. Someday I believe it will happen. I was so close to crossing out a few European countries from my list, and so I go over and over again how it would have been if not for those two surgeries, that kind of changed a lot for me.

It is very rare that you would catch me lost in thoughts, staring into space and not paying any attention to what you say. I do zone out a lot, but only when I have nothing to do. Like they say an idle mind is a devil’s workshop!