Monday, July 9, 2012

Pamper yourself, it is worth it!. It was a 3 hour long session (Phew!)- Hair spa followed by a haircut. No particular reason I just knew it was time. After which I decided to indulge in a sinful meal. So I go to The Chocolate Room.  Am fond of this place, because I have a lot of memories attached with TCR (Mysore & Chennai)
The store in FC road is on the first floor and they have tables placed next to these huge windows overlooking the road. Nice cozy cushioned chairs, and is a table for two. Since I was on a date with myself (that’s what my friend calls it each time I eat alone) I decided to sit next to the window and enjoy the view. I order for myself a hot chocolate and cheesy pasta. What could get more sinful than chocolate and cheese!
 I sip on my hot chocolate and scan the road. I see a group of middle aged aunties catching up with each other at one corner of the road. There is a lot of laughter and friendly back slapping exchanged. There is a man trying really hard to get his car parked between two vehicles. He took nearly ten minutes to get it right, occasionally bumping into the vehicle parked behind his. Then there was this girl dressed in red, awaiting someone’s arrival. What I also noticed was most girls had guys walking behind them , beside them carrying a number of shopping bags!! Bless the guys! What would we do without them..:)
But what actually got my attention was a couple, now this couple I believe could be in their 60’s.They were sitting on the platform right in front of me. The woman is clad in a faded cotton saree, Her hair is neatly tied into a bun, partly grayish n partly orangish. She looked healthier than the man. He looked very brittle had a cloth over his head and was clad in tattered clothes. They have their cans in front of them into which some passer by’s kindly put in a coin or two. I was watching this couple for quite some time. The woman is in a non-stop ranting session with the man. She thinks she is having a conversation with the man but in real it is a very animated one-sided monologue. Going by her expression she was seriously miffed with the man and had her face like she was really throwing some curses at him and was trying to get him to agree to something. What the conversation was about I would never know. But what I found funny was,  all this while the woman has been wasting her energy at screaming. The man does what men do best. He has no expression on his face. He checks his pockets, takes a beedi out, lights it up and smokes it the way people do weed. He just sits there like he isn’t hearing anything. He has a box with food in it, has his share of the meal and offers the rest to his angry yelling wife; she in anger pushes the box back at him. He tries his luck one more time and then goes back to his calm and composed stature. She now stands up and is still grumbling.  A girl passes by and drops a coin into the man’s can. The woman doesn’t seem to like this and goes behind the girl asking for her share and am guessing she said “Oh y did you have to give him.” The girl is in her own world and doesn’t realize any of this. The Man then offers the coin to the woman, she again throws attitude at him and shrugs off his offer. She stands there screaming for some more time and then she does what women are best at. She turns her back in anger and leaves the place. The man is still expressionless and continues smoking the little thing in his hand.
I just kept wondering for a couple for whom the sky is the roof and the earth their bed, what could be the reason for this war. Nothing seemed different, in all walks of life; people want the same things.I was free to imagine anything I wanted for I would never really know the reason. So I am guessing all the woman probably wanted was for her man to show he cared too and to let her know she does matter to him. And all that the man wanted was for her to have the faith in him and that he would make everything fall in place. Isn’t this what many of us expect most of the time? Sigh! If only we all could master the art of satisfaction, we would have no qualms with life.
As I finish my plate of pasta, I see finally the one the woman in red was awaiting for (atleast half an hour ) had finally arrived. He scares her from behind and the girl is just happy to see him and they stand there embracing each other.  So yeah  “Love is in the air” everywhere.  

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  1. haha warming post :) i liked your moral of the story though. And always, i think, women's biggest problems will be men. And men's? they are such lucky things i say- they can just keep staring and not think of ANYTHING! sigh. :D
    oh- i remember this view, btw :)