Tuesday, January 3, 2012


2011 has been quite a remarkable year, was quite a happening year. 2 years into work, and no major hiccups yet. It is going smooth, am in the comfort zone so for now quite satisfied with it. End of 2012 I probably will look for a change. 

On a personal note this year brought in a lot of changes. 

The beginning of the year started with the entry of an old friend but eventually we fell out. I realized am not great at relationships. Indecisive, confused and unpredictable that is how I was when it came to this relationship. However i moved on, sad that i lost a friend but in the long run I knew it would do him good,so i let it be.

The turning point of this year was a few things were revealed to my parents. Somethings i had hidden because we never saw eye to eye, i thought what they dint know wouldn't hurt them. I have disappointed them but i wouldnt change for anything/anyone unless i feel i need to. I would continue to live the way i want. They just have to make peace with it and understand its high time they stop trying to control whats beyond their reach.

This year has been a great year when it came to travelling, I enjoyed all the trips From himalaya to mysore to pondi to ooty.Even the turtle walk was an enriching experience. I wish i can do it again at some point in life.

Every moment at office has been joyful thanks to the big gang we have. The only thing i look forward to in office is the breaks n lunch session we share. All these friends i made this year would be special and i hold them all dear to my heart.

Towards the fag end of the year i was back to uncertainty. I have always been  impulsive and end up in a lot of mess. My life seemed to be on track and I had  to mess it up by following my heart. At the end of the whole thing one I was amazed i was capable of such feelings, second i regret i chose the wrong person to attach those to, third i am surprised that whatever happens it just doesn't change a thing. However 2012 is here and I am putting this behind forever. This chapter is over for good. 

The year would be incomplete if i dont mention a special friend of mine who puts up with everything i do.He has been there for me throughout in every need of mine. I have disturbed him even at odd hours in the night, i know i can always count on him. He has been a great support in every way.

A new year, a new horizon for opportunities, a new place, new faces, new experiences wishing 2012 turn out to be better than all years.Looking forward to Goa in Jan and an international trip :)

I am looking forward to Pune, A part of me is sad that i would miss all the lovely people here who mean a lot to me the other side of me believes sometime in life u have to walk away from what you want to see what u deserve. So Yay!! Pune here i come!!

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